What's new in 10.0?

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What's new in 10.0?

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We worked with design experts at Blink, a Seattle-based UX Design firm to assess user feedback and deliver the brand-new interface.


DWR 10.0 includes an all new icon set with a modernized tab styling

To clear up screen space, users will now toggle between filters, advanced filters and saved searches using a drop down. Items in the filter tree have been reorganized and styled.

The search bar has been restyled, and now offers additional functionality in the drop down menu and an all new Results to feature described below.

The keywords pane offers the same great functionality with a nice visual refresh


New Features

View Multiple Docs at Once: Multiple documents can be opened at the same time side by side. Click the + on the document browser to open them in new browsers

Create Collections From a txt File: Right-click -> Create Collections From List on top “Collections” node in Manage Collections

Results to.... : Ctrl-click the Search button to quickly add all results of a search to a single binder or Draft production

Column Filtering: Ctrl-F to toggle excel-like column filtering. In the dropdown under a column header, select the values you would like to filter on.

Check for Bates Gap: Users can now check for bates gaps manually without having to finalize the production. Added menu option (right-click production -> Tools... -> Check for Bates gaps.  For documents processed with a load file a report is available in Reports to note any bates gaps.

Custom DAT Delimiters: Select a custom DAT delimiter in the production export window

Custom Field Names for Exporting Productions: Custom field names can be entered in the production export window


Moved Functionality

Main Views Review, Draft and Produced are now always visible as tabs at the top of the filter tree

Manage Collections: is found under the “Process” menu. Manage Collections is what we previously called “Processing”.

Review Policy: is now available under the “Settings” menu. Policy is now set on the matter level. Policy is autoset to de-dup within the collection and post all viewable files.  To modify after posting use the Review Policy option.

Reports: is now found under the “Analysis” menu

View Jobs: is now its own window and can be found under the “Process” menu

Create Assignments: is now an option in the drop down next to the search bar

Assign Custodians: now occurs in the Manage Collections window during processing

Special Filters: has been promoted to the top level of the filter tree