Finalizing a Production

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Finalizing a Production

The last step in creating a production is Finalizing. This step checks for several kinds of errors.

To Finalize a production Right-click the Draft production and select Finalize production or select from the menu.


An analysis of the production is completed looking for certain error conditions. Messages will appear with information about the production, such as the following:

If the production contains redacted documents, the following dialog reminds to re-OCR the redacted files. (See Generating OCR/Searchable Text for more information.)


If there are errors, a screen like the following will appear showing more information:


Repair any errors and start the Finalize production again. When all errors are fixed, the following confirmation is displayed:


Click Finalize.

Once Finalized, the production becomes available in the Productions filter and can be exported with load files. See Exporting a Production for details.

Note: Once a production is Finalized those documents are "locked" so there will always be a copy of what was produced. Produced documents cannot be deleted or removed from review.