Migrating Existing Work Product to Digital WarRoom

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Migrating Existing Work Product to Digital WarRoom

For client data migrated from another E-discovery platform (i.e. Summation, Concordance or Relativity) or client data on which a third party has provided data coding, follow the steps below to load the data into Digital WarRoom:

1.Process the data as you would normally (Adding Documents)

2.In Review, select the collection of interest, right click and select Overlay Metadata. See Overlaying Metadata for more details.

You must have a properly formatted .dat load file in order to merge the provided client data, metadata, and/or coding data.

Note: If the .dat file you are using has some fields that are not currently setup in Digital WarRoom, set the new Columns (i.e. Company) prior to using the metadata overlay (see Custom Columns for information).

Important: You MUST have a unique key that maps both the data you have just processed and the .dat file you are using for the metadata overlay (i.e. begbates, id, etc). Metadata overlay cannot be undone. If you make a mistake, you will need to fix the .dat file and run Overlay Metadata again.