Production Tools

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Production Tools

Right click on the Production and select Tools for options to assist with the production.



Resequence Production

Most often used when additional documents are added to a production.  This option will appear automatically when Prepare Production is selected.  To avoid re-endorsing the entire production, select YES and add the documents to the end of the production volume.  When the documents do need to be placed into their proper sequence within the production (as example and attachment to an email was added) select No and the tool will automatically re-sequence.


To clear all assigned bates numbers and reeqence the production to confirm all documents are in the desired order, choose reseqence production.


Syncrhonize PODs

When during the production work the Protective Order Designates are changed in the matter, syncronize PODs to update to the newly assigned designations for each mark


Synchronize Production Types

When the Custom Print Settings are modified to change an extension from Image or Native, run to update the current production to match those specifications.


Check for Bates Gap

To check for a Bates Gap without having to finalize the production, select Check for Bates Gap from the tools.