Custom Fields

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Custom Fields

To add custom columns:

1.Select the third tab, called Custom Fields.

2.Type the name of the new column into the “Field” area

3.Choose field type from the drop down:

a.Text  -- use for fields that may contain symbols and/or alphanumeric characters,

b.Text (Long) -- use for fields that may contain > 2000 characters of text,

c.Number -- use for fields that only contain integer data,


4.The Locked check option specifies whether this field should be editable by reviewers. Individual cells in a locked column will not be editable, however, you can still overlay metadata onto a “locked” custom field.

5.The Filter check option specifies whether the unique values in this field should be visible as filter options in the filter tree. After enabling the Filter option for a custom field, you will need to go to Matter -> Refresh Environment to see the filter option appear. Likewise, changes to the values in that column will not be reflected in the filter tree until the environment is refreshed.

 Important: When using the Filter option, only the first 1000 unique values in a field will be added to the filter tree.


6. Click Apply to commit your changes.