Exporting Grid Metadata

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Exporting Grid Metadata

To export the Current Docs grid screen to a file:

1. Run a search to populate the Current Docs grid screen with the information you want to export.

2. Optional - If you wish to only export a subset of the information in the Current Docs grid screen, select the rows you wish to export. If nothing in the grid is selected, all rows in your search result set will be exported.

3. From the Tools menu, select Export Grid or type Ctrl-M:


The Export Grid dialog box will appear:


4. Choose the Export Options (Excel or tab-delimited) and whether or not you want to include a column header row in the export.

5. Browse to the location where you want to save the export file using the ... button.

6. Click Export. DWR will open the export location for you automatically when the export completes.