Keyword Lists

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Keyword Lists

DWR allows you to manage multiple sets of keyword search terms which can be used when:

Using Keyword Analysis

Bulk Marking

Using the Policy wizard to post documents into Review

Viewing documents in the Highlighted tab of the Document Browser

To add/change/delete a keyword list:

1.From the Settings menu, select Manage Keywords


2.To add a new list: Click New List. This will create a new list to which you can add keywords.

3.To rename an existing list: Select the list you want to rename. Click on the name of the list (or hit F2). It will become editable. Change the name and hit return or Tab to commit the change.

4.To delete a list: Select the list you want to delete. Hit the Delete list button.

To add/change/remove keywords to the selected list:

1.With a list selected, the Keywords grid will enable. You can add keywords to the selected list in 3 different ways:

oImport keywords from a text file using the Load from file option. This will allow you to browse to a text file and import the keywords (one search expression per line) into your keyword list. Note that very long lists may not import in their entirety. In the event that your list is too long, DWR will give you an indication as to the last term it was able to import.

oPaste keywords (one search expression per line) into the keywords grid from Excel or a plain text file.

oAdd words individually by clicking the field to the right of the row with the asterisk. After adding a search expression, hit the Tab key to commit your change.

2.You can edit existing keywords by selecting them and typing in the selected field. Hit the Tab key to commit your change.

3.You can delete one or more keywords by selecting the rows to delete and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard.