Privilege Log Settings

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Privilege Log Settings

The Priv Settings dialog allows you to configure “canned” privilege log descriptions indicating why a particular document has been marked with a privileged-type mark. In addition, you can specify short codes indicating the type of privilege being asserted on a given document.

These settings affect the values available in the Privilege Log entry interface in Review and Reports.

1.From the Settings menu, select Priv Settings.


2.The Reasons tab shows the “canned” reasons for privilege.

3.To add a new privilege reason, click the TITLE field in the row with the asterisk next to it and provide values for the SEQ and TXT fields as well.

4.To edit a privilege reason, overwrite the appropriate fields with new values.

5.To delete a privilege reason, select the row by clicking row selector box to the left of the row and hit the Delete key.

6.You can also edit the privilege types by selecting the Types tab and adding, editing, deleting privilege types.


7.Click Apply to commit your changes.