Special Filters

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Special Filters



Unindexed files – These are files that do not contain indexed text and are therefore excluded from other types of searches; if you want to review them, this is the only way to search for them. Unindexed files display in blue text in the document list.

Production candidates – Returns documents which have been marked with a Produce-type mark.

Families with mark conflicts – Before you release documents for production, search using this attribute to ensure that your documents do not include conflicting Marks. For example, a relevant email with a privileged attachment should be checked, and you should address the decision of whether to “break” document families whose members have different Marks when producing them.

Privileged documents – Returns documents with privilege-type marks.

Duplicates of privileged documents – Returns all duplicates of documents with privilege-type marks.

Threads with privileged documents – Returns all email conversation threads containing privilege-type marks. Note: This option is grayed out if you do not have the THREAD GROUP column turned on in Review.

QC Sample at 95% ± 2% – Returns a sample set from your selected items.

oThe size of the sample will vary depending on the size of the collection/search filters, but will provide a representation that is 95% ± 2% accurate. If the collection contains 18,000 documents, the sample might contain 2,100 random documents. If there were 12 work product errors within this sample, this would mean there is roughly a 95% chance that for every 2100 documents, there are 12 errors.

oNote: The sample data will be different each time you search. If you wish to save the sample data, the sample results will need to be added to a binder.