Deleting Collections and Imports

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Deleting Collections and Imports

To delete an entire collection or one or more imports:

1.From the Process -> Collections interface, select the collection or individual imports (child rows) you want to delete.

Important: Deleting a collection will delete all imports associated with it!


2.Right-click on the collection or selected imports and select Delete Collection.../Delete Import... . DWR will analyze the selected collections/imports for produced documents and will present the analysis. Since DWR only stores one copy of any given document in the repository, DWR will not delete any files from the repository that are MD5 duplicates of files in the selected collections.



3. Click Delete Files to perform the deletion.

Important:  The Deletion process removes the collection from the matter permanently. Once you delete the collection, you cannot reverse the action. If you need to add this collection to the matter again, you must recreate the collection from the beginning.