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The Document Browser

You can display documents in their native format (the default) or in a special “hit highlighting” mode that makes keywords stand out. This feature is especially useful when you are reviewing a great deal of text.

After performing a keyword search that has found documents with the keywords you asked for, click the Highlighted tab in the Document Browser window.


Note: The text of an un-indexed document cannot be keyword searched and will not display highlighting on the Highlighted tab, even if it is an image created from text (such as a Word document made into a .TIFF file or a .PDF file).

Important:  There may be metadata or other hidden content that is searchable but not viewable in the browser.

At the beginning of the document, click the <<first hit>> link to jump to the first keyword. Use the double arrows to navigate to the previous (<<) or next (>>) occurrence of the keyword. If you include family members, documents marked with the Filter Mismatch Indicator (warning) are included in the list panel because they are part of a document family and not because they meet the filtering criteria; therefore, they do not include any keywords related to your search and will not display hit highlighting.