Marks, Issue Codes, Comments

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Marks, Issue Codes, Comments

As documents are reviewed in the database, you can tag them using Marks and Issue Codes that are specific to your matter. You can also assign comments to particular documents or groups of documents.

To assign a Mark/Issue Code/Comment to one or more documents with the right-click menu:

1.Select the document or group of documents from the document list, using one of the following methods:

oClick an individual document.

oPress Ctrl+A to select all documents listed.

oTo select contiguous documents, click the first document in the list (the highlighted row), hold down Shift, and click the last document. All rows including the first and last documents are then selected.

oTo select non-contiguous documents, click the first document, hold down Ctrl, and click the other documents one at a time.

2.While the documents are still highlighted, right-click and click the appropriate Mark/Issue Code or select Comments…

To assign a Mark/Issue Code/Comment to a group of documents with the Work Product Palette:

1.Select a group of documents using one of the methods above.

2.From the Tools menu, select Work Product Palette.


3.Check the box for the appropriate Mark/Issue Code or add a Comment and click Apply. The appropriate column in the Document List now reflects the updated work product.

4.You can remove Marks from all selected documents by selecting the “Unmark” check box.

5.To delete certain issue codes from all selected documents, select the Delete radio button, then check the issue codes that you want to remove.

To assign a Mark/Issue Code/Comment to a single document using the Work Product Inspector:

1.Select a document in the Document List.

2.From the Tools menu, select Show Work Product Inspector.


Note: Documents can only have one mark at a time but may have multiple issue codes. Comments are automatically saved.

3.Check/Uncheck the appropriate Mark/Issue Code(s) or add a Comment. The Mark/Issues/Comments column now shows the appropriate information. Un-checking an issue code will remove that issue code from the selected document.