Filtering and Searching Documents

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Filtering and Searching Documents

You have several options with which to fine-tune your document searches.

Important:  To help you construct complicated searches, each of the check boxes in this section retains your search criteria while you move to other areas, i.e. the criteria in each section are appended to the criteria in every other section. If you do not want to append these criteria, be sure to click Clear Filters (which clears all criteria except the selected Scope of Work) before moving to another area. Note that the search summary row at the top of the document list shows you all the current parameters for your search; if you see parameters there that you did not intend to use, return to the appropriate part of the filter tree and clear those criteria.

The search summary above the Document List displays the current search parameters.

Once a search is complete,  the results will appear in The Document List.

The Search Button

After choosing filter criteria clicking Search will execute the search. To include family members with your search hits, click the drop down menu to the right of the Search button and select Search (Include Families). Likewise Search (Include Threads) will return thread members of search hits. All subsequent searches will run in the currently selected search mode until a different option is chosen from the search menu.


Canceling a Search

While a search is running, the Search button text will say "Cancel". Click the cancel button to stop the search.

Saving Searches

See Saving Searches.