Finalizing a Production

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Finalizing a Production

The last step in creating a production is finalizing it. This step checks for several kinds of errors, which you can repair or (in some cases) ignore before proceeding.

To finalize a production:

1.In the Drafts view, right-click the Draft production and click Finalize Production. A dialog appears and runs an analysis of the production, looking for certain error conditions.

2.Messages may appear with information about the production, such as the following:

3.If your production contains redacted documents, you'll see the following dialog reminding you to re-OCR the redacted files. (See Generating OCR/Searchable Text for more information.)


4.If you want to proceed with production, click Yes; otherwise, click No and resolve any problems. If there are errors, you might see a screen like the following, showing more information:


5.Repair any errors and start the production again. When all errors are fixed, finalizing the production displays the following confirmation:


6.Click Finalize.

Once finalized, you may review the production and then export it with load files. See Exporting a Production for details.