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The Reports function in DWR allows you to generate reports on various aspects of the data collected, reviewed and produced. Some reports like the Privilege Log and Cost to Review Calculator are interactive. All reports can be exported to Excel for use outside the DWR system.


The following is a list of the available reports in DWR.



Defensibility Logs – Reports detailing document and collection activity

Document Control Log

Decision Log

Clawback Log

Redaction Log

Privilege Log

Collected Documents – Reports on all documents in the Matter


Collection Summary

Counts by Extension

Counts by Extension by Custodian

Email Histogram by Custodian

Emails per PST

Unindexed Documents by Extension by Collection

Reviewable Documents – Reports on all documents in Review


Counts by Custodian

Counts by Extension

Counts by Extension by Custodian

Date Histogram (All Documents)

Date Histogram (All Email)

Email Histogram by Custodian

Unindexed Documents by Extension by Custodian

Removed From Draft Productions

Review Progress – Reports on review activity and productivity


Cost to Review Calculator

Reviewer Activity by Custodian

Custodian Summary

Assignment Progress

Binder Progress

Privlog Progress

Marks by Applied Date

Marks by Reviewer by Applied Date

Removed From Review

Work Product – General summaries of attorney work product


Mark Summary

Counts by Issue Code

Counts by Issue Code by Custodian

Counts by Redaction State by Custodian

Produced Documents – Reports on produced documents


Production Summary

Production Summary by Custodian

Production Summary by Extension

Document Histogram by Custodian

Active Production Status

Production Errors

Bates Gaps and Overlaps

Reviewer Metrics – Reports on reviewer productivity


Reviewer Summary

Reviewer Count by Month

Reviewers by Name by Month