Open an Existing Matter Database – Ctrl+Shift+O

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Open an Existing Matter Database – Ctrl+Shift+O

1.From the Matter menu,  click on your Matter and select Open.


2.Select a matter.

3.Click Open. The interface will allow you to load and access your Matter. If you do not see the Matter you need, you can connect DWR to a different SQL server using the following steps:

4.In the Open Matter window, click the Server button. The Connect to Server dialog box appears.

5.Type the Matter server name. This is the SQL Server instance that hosts your Matter Databases.

6.In the Authentication Field, from the drop-down menu, select either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

7.Click the Connect button.

Important: SQL Server authentication requires a username and password that might be different from your Microsoft Windows User name and password. See your system administrator if you require a SQL Server username and password, and type them in the appropriate fields.