Issue Codes

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Issue Codes

Each issue code consists of a 1-4 character code, a description of the issue, and a group. Issue Codes can be grouped together visually to make them easier to use. You can specify any group names you want. Issue Codes with the same group settings will appear together in the filter and work product trees in Review.

1.From the Settings menu, select Issue Codes.


2.To add an issue code, click the Code field in the row with the asterisk next to it. Enter a Code, Issue, Group, and decide whether the code should propagate to duplicates or not.

3.To edit an existing Code, Issue, or Group, click the appropriate field to select it and replace the existing value with a new one. Codes and Issues must be unique.

4.To delete an issue code, click the row selector box box on the left of the row you want to remove. Hit the Delete key.


5.Click Yes.

6.Click Apply.