Translation Settings

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Translation Settings

The text content of certain document types, including emails, can be translated between languages quickly and easily within the DWR browser window using Google Translate.

The translation features in DWR require a Google API key. The key is tied to a credit card so that Google can bill you directly on a monthly basis according to your usage.

Please see this website for up-to-date information on translation fees and billing.

To enable translation:

1.Once you have your API key (obtainable from the Google website), from the Settings menu, select Translation.


2.Select the Enable Google Translate check-box to enable translation and enter your API key in the Google API Key text field.

3.Click OK.

With translation enabled, the Native tab of the Document Browser will display a Translate button, with drop-down options to select the source and destination languages. If you don’t specify a source language, Google Translate will attempt to identify it during translation.