Generating Keyword Indexes

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Generating Keyword Indexes

With the Generate Keyword Indexes function, you can build indexes of words and numbers contained in documents so they can easily be searched.

In most cases, you won't need to use this function since documents are automatically indexed. However, there are a few situations where re-indexing makes sense:

After generating OCR text

After replacing native documents or OCR text for specific files

After software updates


There are several ways to access the keyword indexing functions in DWR:

When data is posted to Review, it is automatically indexed.

Via the Process -> Collections interface by right-clicking on an individual import  and selecting "Index Import..."

In Review by right-clicking on the filter tree and selecting "Re-Index..."

In Review by right-clicking one or more selected documents and selecting "Re-Index..."


After selecting one of these options, you can monitor the progress of your job in the View Jobs interface. See Viewing Jobs for more information.

See Advanced Indexing Options for additional ways to index your matter.