Deduping Options

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Deduping Options


Dedupe method:

Dedupe Within Custodians: Deduping applies only to documents assigned to a given custodian.

Dedupe Across Selected: Deduping applies to all documents in the selected collections/custodians.

No Deduping: Deduping is not applied to documents in the selected collections/custodians.

Dedupe using:

Pith: This identifies near duplicates of emails, such as the copies that were sent and received. The reviewable content for both will be identical (while differing in aspects such as header and formatting), so deduping by pith will save you time.

Forensic Fingerprint: This identifies exact duplicates. If the difference between the sent and received copies of the same email may be critical enough that they need to be reviewed separately, for example, use this method.

After choosing collections/custodians and your deduplication setting, click Next.