Assigning Custodians

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Assigning Custodians

You can assign a collection or set(s) of documents within a collection to specific Custodians. This might be the author, originator, source, or legal custodian of the documents (for example, “Christopher Foyle”, “Seattle Network Share”, or “Backup Server”).

To assign a custodian to a collection / sub collection:

1.From the Documents menu, select Assign Custodians.


2.In the Locus column, use the arrows on the left to expand or contract the list until you find the locus you want; select that row. The locus is determined by the folder structure of the original collection.

3.In the Custodian column, use the arrow at the right to open the drop-down list containing all available custodians. Click one of these, or, to add a new Custodian, type the Custodian name in the corresponding row.

4.After any changes, click Apply. (Until applying a pending custodian name change, the name will have an asterisk after it.)

5.When you assign a Custodian, all sub-folders below the assigned level inherit the same Custodian.