Managing Custodians

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Managing Custodians

You can use this function to merge one or more Custodians into a single Custodian (for example, if you find that two Custodians are actually the same person). You can also edit a Custodian name or delete a Custodian.

To merge Custodians:

1.From the Documents menu, select Manage Custodians.

2.Click the Custodian that you want to assign to (merge with) another Custodian.

3.In the Target Custodian field, type the name of the custodian, or click the arrow at the right, then click the Custodian to merge with from the list that appears.

4.To edit a Custodian name, click on the desired custodian and overwrite it with the new name.

Important: To undo a Custodian merge operation, go to Assign Custodians and reassign the original custodian. Merging Custodians may introduce duplicate documents into the review set. Re-applying the Policy will cause duplicates to be removed per the selected deduplication settings. (See Set Policy – Ctrl+R for more information.)

To delete a Custodian name:

1.Click the row selector box on the far left for that Custodian (the row becomes highlighted) and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


2.When you are asked to confirm, click Yes.

3.After all changes are made, click Apply.

Note:  When a Custodian is deleted, all the documents that are currently assigned to the custodian are reassigned to the default custodian, which is "Unspecified".