Managing Assignments

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Managing Assignments

The option to Manage Assignments provides the ability to create different assignments based on combinations of filter criteria. Reviewers can use these assignments to focus their work flow.  

To create assignments:

1.Make sure that custodians have been assigned.  

2.Then, on the Documents menu, select Manage Assignments.  


3.Click Create to create assignments.

4.A new window appears that allows you to choose the filter criteria from which assignments will be created. You can use any of the filter criteria that you see in Review.


5.Create an Assignment Prefix for the assignment group you are about to create.

6.Specify the number of documents (not including family members) in each assignment.

7.You can use the Re-assign documents that are already in an assignment option to do just that. If this option is not checked, any documents that match the filter criteria but that are already in an existing assignment will not be reassigned.

8.Click Create.

9.After assignments have been created, they will appear in the filter tree in Review.  You can track Assignment Review progress through the “Assignment Progress” report in the report section.


Note:  It is possible that assignments will have slightly more documents to Review than the document number that was selected in the “Assignment Size” field.  This is due to the fact that entire families of documents are always put into the same assignments i.e. families do not span assignments.