Bulk Marking

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Bulk Marking

Bulk Marking is an effective tool for identifying potentially relevant and/or potentially privileged documents in the Matter. Using Bulk Marking, both Marks and Issue Codes can be applied to any document in the Matter that contains the specified keywords. After Bulk Marking, a reviewer can immediately begin reviewing only those documents that need further attention.

To apply a Bulk Mark or Issue Code:

1.From the Analysis menu, click Bulk Mark.


2.From the Keyword List drop down, select a pre-defined keyword list. If you do not have any pre-defined keyword lists, click the … button next to the drop down to open the Keyword List Manager interface. (See Managing Keywords for more information.)

Note:  If you want to apply stemming rules to keywords (so that grammatically related words, like apply/applies/applied, are returned in the keyword search), check the Apply Stemming Rules to Keywords check box.

3.Check the Marks and Issue Codes that you want to be applied to the documents that hit on terms in your selected Keyword List.

4.Click Apply to run the keyword searches and apply the selected Marks/Issue Codes.

5.Click Close.