Duplicating Columns for Editing

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Duplicating Columns for Editing

You can duplicate any column as a “custom field” which in turn allows you to edit the values in that column. Only custom fields can be edited.

For instance, you may wish to alter the dates for a set of documents. Since you can’t edit the DATE column directly (for forensic fidelity reasons), you can right-click on the DATE column header and select Duplicate as Custom Column. This will create a new column called DATE_CUSTOM.


The values in the DATE_CUSTOM field can be changed by double clicking a specific cell. This double click action will make the cell editable AND bring up the document browser. Click on the drop down arrow to bring up the date picker.


You can then use the DATE_CUSTOM field in load files instead of DATE when producing the documents.

You can change the name of custom fields using the Column Settings interface. (See Column Settings for more details.)

Note: Duplicating a column as a custom field duplicates ALL of the values in the source column for the entire database, not just for the records currently in your filtered result set.