Advanced Searching

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Advanced Searching

Use the Advanced tab for searches that do not fit any of the other categories. You can search for strings within any of the configured fields displayed in the Field drop-down list and combine them with other strings in logical fashion.

To create an advanced search:

1.In the Field box, click a Field from the available options. These fields map to the columns that display in the document list. You can click only one field at a time.


2.In the box to the right of the Field, click the relevant operator (such as Contains or Starts With) from the drop-down menu.

3.In the Value field, type a string for the value you want to search for and click Add. The Value appears in the Current Conditions field.

4.If you want to search for another value, repeat steps 1 to 3. When more than one condition appears in the Current Conditions field, the Boolean connectors (AND, OR, etc.) become available on the left.

5.Click any of the Boolean connectors to set logical conditions for the values in the search.

6.After you perform a search, DWR evaluates its logic. When the search statement is well-formed, the condition remains in black text; a malformed statement makes it turn red. If the text turns red, you may need to alter the supplied value.  Advanced keyword search features such as w/n, do not apply to this kind of search; rather, they are to be used only in keyword searches (see Appendix A – Building effective Keyword Searches).

7.Click Search to execute the advanced search.

Note: If you need to use pith values or ID numbers as search criteria, the Copy Value function makes it easy to copy and paste these without introducing error. Right-click the appropriate cell, click Copy Value, and press Ctrl + V to paste the value into one of the Advanced search boxes.