Performing and Approving Redactions

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Performing and Approving Redactions

Redactions can be completed in either the Review or Produce views; the example below shows redactions being applied to a document in the Produce view.

To redact a document:

1.Flag a document for redaction.

2.Convert the document to an image if that has not already been done.

3.In the Document Browser, click on the Image tab -- the Redaction Tool should be enabled.


Note: To customize the appearance of the redaction box, click the Redaction Settings button (redaction_settings_button) to open a window allowing these settings to be configured.  


Use the Reset button to return to the default values.  

4.Click on the Redaction Tool button redaction_tool and select the text to be redacted – click, hold, and drag over the text you want to be redacted. This creates a transparent shaded box on top of the text you want to redact. Once a redaction is drawn, the redaction box can be re-sized and moved to best position it over the text. When a redaction is “Approved’ it becomes solid and can no longer be re-sized or moved unless you “Un-approve” the redaction.


After redactions are applied, you can edit or clear as needed. The redaction state of the document is now set to “Pending”.

In some cases, you may wish to redact the entire page minus some small portion. To do this easily, DWR provides a “redact inverse of selection” option. Draw a redaction box on top of the portion of the page that you wish to leave un-redacted. Right-click the redaction box and select Inverse. You will see that the entire page is now redacted except for the area under your original redaction box.


5.After you are satisfied with the redactions that have been applied, you (or another reviewer) will need to approve them. Approval is required prior to documents being produced. The system is designed to ensure that no un-approved redactions (i.e. pending or flagged) are produced. To approve a document with a pending redaction state, simply select the document in the Document List, right-click, then select Approve redaction.

6.The redactions have now been finalized and the redacted image is ready for production.  Upon approval, the redaction will no longer be transparent.


Note:   If the document needs to be re-redacted, you can right mouse-click and select “Un-approve redaction”. The document will revert back to the Pending state and redactions can be edited or updated accordingly.

7.At this time, you may wish to add a Redaction Log Comment. The text you enter in the text field will be added to the Redaction Log which can be found in the Reports section of DWR.