Suppressing Documents from Review

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Suppressing Documents from Review

To remove one or more documents from Review:

1.Select one or more documents in Review

2.Right click and select Remove from Review


3.A confirmation dialog box appears.


4.Click Yes to remove the document

To remove from review all documents in a Binder:

Right-click on the Binder and select Remove contents from Review.


To remove entire sets of documents:

1.Check the Custodians/Collections/Extensions that you want to suppress from Review.

2.Then right-click on the filter tree and select Remove checked from Review. All documents in Review that match the selected criteria will be suppressed.


Note:  Removing a document from review does not remove every instance (duplicate) of the document from review, only the selected document(s).  All attorney work product (Marks, Issue Codes, Comments, Redactions, etc.) is preserved.  If the document is added back to review (via the Policy interface), the previously-applied attorney work product will be available again for review.