Replacing Documents in Review

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Replacing Documents in Review

Before replacing any document, please make sure you understand and are comfortable with the consequences of doing so (listed in the Important section below).

To replace a document in Review:

1.Select the document(s) you want to remove from Review, Drafts, or Productions.

2.Right-click and select Replace document….


3.The Replace document dialog appears.


4.You may replace either the:

a.Native document – this is the document that you see on the Native tab of the Document Browser

b.Pre-production Image – this is the un-endorsed tif image that you see in Drafts before the image is endorsed

c.Produced Image – this is the endorsed image

d.OCR – this is the searchable text associated with the document

5.Click Finish to replace the document.

Important:  Replacing a document in this manner has several far-reaching consequences including:

The MD5 fingerprint in the database will remain the MD5 for the ORIGINAL document NOT the replaced doc.

Mark propagation will therefore not work on the new document (it will propagate based on the old document fingerprint).

The new document will not return in keyword searches unless you re-index.

You cannot recover the original document without re-processing the original collection and re-posting.