Draft Productions

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Draft Productions

With the features of Drafts, you can collect, manage, and produce a set of reviewed documents for delivery to adverse counsel or other recipients. You can add documents in review to production sets using configurable and extensible filtering criteria. Both native file exports and image-based (TIF/PDF) productions are supported.


To create a draft production use one of these methods:

From the Drafts menu, click Create Production.

You can also create a new Draft production by right-clicking a document in Review and selecting Add to production… -> New production…

DWR automatically generates Draft productions with labels containing the date the production was created (like “Production - 2015.09.11”).

Once documents have been added to a Production the documents will need to go through the "Image production..." and "Endorse production..." processes.  Even if the production is all native, the Image Production step must be applied as this step associates all your production settings to this production set.  This step must also be applied after any modifications are made in the production set (i.e. changing a document to be produced as Native or Color).


The first time Image Production is applied to a production set the tool will proceed through the Production Settings.  With those setting selections made, the conversion process will begin.

While each of these phases are ongoing the “View Jobs” button appears in the top left corner.  Once the job is completed and the View Jobs button is gone, click the Search button to refresh your screen and update your page counts and conversion/endorsement icons.



Once the conversion process is completed, sort your production by the PAGES field and confirm each document has a page count greater than 1.  Any blank or zero page counts will need to be flagged for reconversion and the "Image production..." process run again.  Also check the Error column.  For documents with an error see Triaging Production Problems.




Only after all documents are converted and have a page count greater than one will the endorsement phase begin.  During this phase, the numbering, confidential designations and redactions are burned onto the images. For documents being produced natively this phase involves copying the native document into DWR's internal production location.

Once the endorsements are complete, the production can be finalized and moved to the Produced side of the tool where it can be exported. (Finalizing a Production, Exporting a Production)