Managing Documents to be Produced

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Managing Documents to be Produced

Typically, documents marked with a Produce-type Mark are added to one or more productions via Review. If you need to re-produce documents, you can also add them to new Draft productions from within the Drafts and Productions views.

Note: Any document, regardless of its Mark, may be added to a production. Before finalizing, DWR will warn the user if the production contains documents with privilege-type marks.  Users can override this caution if desired and proceed with finalizing. To change a Mark or Issue Code on a document in a Draft Production, return to Review, search for and select the documents and change their Marks.

Important: If you want to include family members of documents in a production, in the Review view, check the Include family members box, click Apply to execute the search, select all of the family members to add, then follow steps 1-3 below.

To add documents to a production:

1.In Review, perform a search to load documents into the Document List.

2.Select one or more documents (usually with Produce-type Marks).

3.Right-click on the documents and select Add to production.
You have the option to add the documents to an already existing production or a new production.


To remove documents from a production:

1.In Drafts, select the document(s) to be removed.

2.Right-click the document(s) and select Remove from production.

Important:  It is possible that removing a document from a production can cause the production to have a Bates gap. To ensure that the production does not contain any gaps in the Bates range, you will need to re-sequence and re-endorse the production.  Re-sequence by right-clicking on the draft production and selecting Re-sequence production….  No other changes need to be made.  

To replace a pre-production (un-endorsed) image in a Draft production:

The steps for replacing a document are covered in Replacing Documents in Review. The same steps apply in Drafts.