Production Settings for Individual Documents

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Production Settings for Individual Documents

In a Draft Production, you can click any document(s) and use the right-click menu to change specifications for the selected document(s).


Flag for Re-conversion: If some documents were converted earlier and you want them to be reconverted, select this option.

Flag for Re-endorsement: If some documents were endorsed earlier and you want them to be re-endorsed, click this.

Clear errors: If the document is in an error state, this option will set it back to the last successful production state (i.e. Draft, Converted, Endorsed).

Produce As: To change production type, click this and select an option from the list that appears.

oNative: Typical files to be produced natively include AV files (.MPEG, MP3), large .TXT or .LOG files, .XLS and .XLSX files, and binary or OEM files (system files). Native files are always produced along with a placeholder image indicating that the document was produced natively (unless all documents in the production are produced natively).

oImage: This file is to be produced as an image.

oWithheld: This indicates a file that won’t be imaged; instead, a placeholder image is generated informing the recipient that the document was not produced, and neither the native file nor its image is included in the production.

Image Color: To change the color settings, click this and select an option from the list that appears.


oYou can change the default color setting for the production in the Production Settings wizard.

POD (Protective Order Designation): If you have not already added a POD to the document, click POD and select the appropriate POD from the menu that appears.

Remove from Production: Takes this document out of the production.

Add to Production. If you want to add this document to another production, click Add to Production and click the appropriate draft production from the menu that appears. A document can be in any number of productions at the same time.

Replace document: This option will bring up the replace document dialog which will allow you to replace the Native, pre-production image, or OCR text associated with a file.

Clear Bates numbers from here down: This option will remove all bates information from the selected SEQ to the end of the production. The Bates information will be regenerated the next time you start processing the production again. This option can save you from having to re-endorse an entire production if you have to remove or change a document near the end.