Production States

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Production States

DWR displays information about the status of each document in a production. The production state column shows where the document is in the production process. The production state column can prove useful when troubleshooting an incomplete production, as well as provide general information about how documents are being handled during production in your matter.

The production state column will display one of these icons:





This document has just been added to a production and has not yet been processed, OR this document was flagged for re-conversion.


This is a document that has been successfully imaged/converted. This is also the state that a document goes back to when it is flagged for re-endorsement.


An error occurred when trying to either convert, endorse, or OCR the document


This is a document that has been successfully endorsed.


The ERROR column displays messages passed to DWR by the operating system about errors encountered during the production processing phase.  


In the above example, expanding the ERROR column shows a message explaining that the imaging error indicated by the error symbol in the Production State column is likely because there is no printing application associated with the .pst and .vcf file extensions.

Together with other relevant information such as document types, installed applications, and production state data, the messages in the ERROR column may help diagnose and resolve issues related to imaging documents.