Custom Print Settings

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Custom Print Settings

DWR offers the ability to specify different production-related settings on a per-file-type basis.

For any given file extension, you can configure:

The application to be used when attempting to “print” native files (i.e. to render images of native files). If an extension does not have a custom print setting specified in DWR then DWR will use the OS default application when attempting to image files with that extension.

The amount of time to wait for a document to be printed.

Whether or not to produce all files with that extension as Native files instead of images.

Which color print settings to use when converting that extension.

Important:  It is not required to customize these settings.  Only modify them if the default/current associations are not satisfactory.  

To edit custom print settings:

1.In the Settings menu, select Custom Print Settings.        

2.Use the Extensions tab to specify which application should be used to print a given extension.  This tab also offers a drop down to select the application that should be used to print files that do not have an extension.  


3.Use this tab to change the timeout value (in seconds) for file types that may take too long to print.  

4.Use this tab to choose from the set of image color options. For example, you might want to produced all .DOC files in B/W but all .PPT files in color.

5.Use this dialog to designate certain file types that should always be produced natively by checking the box in the Native column.

6.After making the desired changes to Extension associations, click the Apply button to have them take effect.

7.You can restore the default set of extensions, timeouts, and applications by clicking Restore Defaults.