Viewing Jobs

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Viewing Jobs

The following DWR operations are handled by the DWR Private Cloud service:

Adding documents and productions (Catalog)

Generating keyword indexes (Indexing)

Generating OCR, extracted text and language analysis (OCR)

Converting Native documents to Image (Conversion)

Endorsing production images (Endorsement)

You can view the progress of these jobs by selecting the Jobs tag in the Process view.

The grid displays all of the current processing operations occurring in your matter.


If you wish to cancel one or more processing jobs, right-click on the row(s) and click Cancel Job. Check the Show Completed Jobs option to show previously completed/canceled jobs. Clicking Clear Jobs will clear the list of all jobs that are not currently running.

If Auto Refresh is checked, the grid will update the progress and status information every 5 seconds automatically.

In addition to the Process -> Jobs tab, while jobs are running, you'll see a green menu in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar. Clicking the menu displays basic information about the jobs that are running. When all jobs are complete, the green menu option will disappear.