What's new in 9.1?

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What's new in 9.1?

New Features

a.You can now cancel searches in DWR (Filtering and Searching Documents)

b.You can now rename collections/binders directly in the tree (Adding Documents/The Process View, Binders)

c.You can now claw back documents from Review (Clawing Back Documents in Review)

d.Our production work flow now has two easy steps (i) "Production Imaging" and (ii) "Endorsement" (Processing a Draft Production)

e.You can now filter on document reviewers i.e. pull up all documents last marked by a particular reviewer (Reviewer Filters)

f.It's now easier to know when there are long running "jobs" in your matter (OCR/Indexing/Processing/Productions) (Viewing Jobs)

g.We've added a warning when finalizing a production containing redactions to remind users to re-OCR the redacted files

h.You can now view and export endorsed/produced images from Review! (If a file has been produced with multiple bates numbers, you will always see/export the image with the highest Prefix+Begbates.)

i.You can now "pre-image" documents in Review simply by right-clicking them and selecting "Image Document"


Styling and Interface Upgrades

1.Keyword search options is now clearly located just above the search button. (Searching by Keywords)

2.The search bar is larger. We also now have the option to “include family members” and “include thread members” in the search button drop down menu (the down arrow to the right of the search bar). (Filtering and Searching Documents)


3.To streamline the filter options the following choices will now be hidden under the “more filters”: Extensions, Date Range, File Type, Redaction State, Reviewers, Production Flags, Special Filters


4.The document browser is now docked on the right side of the grid (instead of the bottom) by default.



Collection Management and Processing Improvements          

The Processing tab of Digital WarRoom will now appear in a tree view similar to Windows Explorer.  (Adding Documents/The Process View)

To process documents simply create a new collection then drag and drop your documents (or folders) into that collection!